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Discover the Lily Pond and Waterfall Hike at Redfish Lake!

The Hike

Redfish Lake is a hub for many trails and adventures of all kinds, but no matter your experience level, the Lily Pond and Waterfall hike is one that any outdoor enthusiast will enjoy! This classic trail is a must-do for hikers of all ages and abilities, promising an experience that will ignite your sense of adventure.


To kickstart your trip, head to the Redfish Marina and hop aboard the shuttle boat. These shuttles are available on demand for groups of two or more, with a return shuttle to transport you back at specific times. Brace yourself for a breathtaking 7-minute ride across the awe-inspiring 5-mile expanse of Redfish Lake. As you take in the fully beauty of the lake, soak in the majestic “Gates of Heaven” glacial valley that awaits you on the opposite end. The towering peaks will leave you spellbound as you approach the shuttle dock, setting the stage for the hike ahead.

The Trail

s you disembark at the shuttle dock, you’ll be surrounded by nature’s grandeur. Take a moment to soak in the breathtaking views before you begin your hike. But don’t linger too long—the trail is calling! As you navigate past the initial campground, keep an eye out for the trailhead sign. Here, you can obtain and fill out your Wilderness Permit, signaling the start of your journey into the rugged Sawtooth Wilderness.

Following the trail, you’ll cross a picturesque bridge that spans the cascading river beneath the falls.  As you keep climbing up the trail, you will pass “Jump Rock,” a tempting spot to take a refreshing plunge in the crystal-clear Redfish Lake. Embrace everything this hike has to offer and take the plunge, or use it as a great way too cool off on your return!

The Lily Pond

Continuing along the trail, you’ll soon arrive at the enchanting Lily Pond. From around the beginning of July onward, the pond comes alive with the vibrant beauty of blooming lilies. Take a moment to catch your breath and revel in the serenity of this hidden gem. The trail continues to the left of the pond, leading you ever closer to the captivating waterfall.

The Waterfall

As you continue on, the unmistakable sound of roaring water and a refreshing mist will guide you to the waterfall, not far from the lily pond. After just three-quarters of a mile from the shuttle dock, you’ll be rewarded with the magnificent sight of the waterfall. Stand in awe as the cascading waters and majestic peaks create a breathtaking scene before you. You’ve reached your destination! Make sure to pack some water and a snack to reward yourself for completing this beautiful journey!

Make a Memorable Experience at Redfish Lake Lodge

We can’t wait to welcome you to Redfish Lake where the Lily Pond and Waterfall hike and many others await your exploration! Book your stay at Redfish Lake Lodge, pack your hiking gear, make a dinner reservation at Limbert’s to enjoy some incredible dining after your outdoor adventure, and let the adventure begin!

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