Hot Spring and Night Sky

Things to do in Stanley, Idaho

You would have to stay a lifetime to do it all!

The Sawtooth Basin and Stanley, Idaho offer more recreation than you can do in a week, month, year and even a lifetime, but don’t feel overwhelmed! We have put together a list of our favorite must-see attractions and adventures to help you make the most of your time in Stanley, Idaho!

Redfish Lake Lodge

Spring Activities

Spring in Stanley and the Sawtooth Mountains holds its own special magic, making it an unforgettable experience as the Sawtooth Mountains awaken from their winter slumber.

Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead fishing is a popular sport in Stanley and surrounding areas as the Steelhead return, and new smolts are released March through April, depending on the year.


If you’re looking for breathtaking vistas, Spring in the Sawtooths can provide you with some dramatic landscapes as the icy peaks of the Sawtooths release runoff into lakes and rivers in the valley. Bold wildflowers blanket meadows, and wildlife sightings are common!

Summer Activities

In the summer you can find activities like rafting, fishing, mountain biking, climbing, ATV’s and horse back riding, all right at your doorstep!

River Rafting / Fly Fishing

There are several river rafting companies based in Stanley for half or full-day trips down the famous Salmon River, or for multiple day trips down the Middle Fork of the Salmon. River rafting is an exciting way to explore other parts of the Idaho wilderness!

Day trips on the Salmon/ Fly Fishing



Horseback Riding

Stanley Museum

Redfish Visitors Center

Sawtooth Fish Hatchery

Ghost Towns

Fall Activities

See the Fall Colors

Fall in the Sawtooths is a must-see, especially when the aspen groves start their yearly change! Bring your camera and and enjoy the peace and beauty of this season.

Winter Activities

Enjoy the Sawtooths in an all-new way with completely different recreational offerings in the winter! You’ll be amazed at the transformation that takes place here from Summer to Winter.

Backcountry Skiing

Cross Country Skiing



Stanley and surrounding areas are known for the many hotsprings scattered through the area. Most are natural hotsprings, requiring visitors to practice proper etiquette and preservation of these wonderful areas for all. Once there, we promise you’ll love this experience! For a private soak, check with Mountain Village for a reservation.

Hike Into Redfish Lake

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