Nothing is more important to us than our Redfish family! We seek out warm, energetic, adventurous and real individuals who can provide the best customer service humanly possible. That is our number one priority! Your summer at Redfish will be the best summer of your life. Ask any of our previous team members. It will also be filled with many challenges that will help you grow in ways that you might not have imagined. A summer at the lake means a summer filled with adventure, long days, and relationships that will last a lifetime. Our season runs from the first of May until the beginning of October.  First consideration is given to those who can work at least through Labor Day weekend, and preferably through the end of our season.

We are happy to work with students looking for internships, and any of our positions can be tailored into an internship.  Experience is helpful for all positions and required for some. Knowledge of plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and lawn care is helpful in maintenance. Most important is your desire to learn and your ability to catch on quickly. The average age of a Redfish employee is 21, so maturity is assumed.


  • Must be U.S. Citizen with a social security card, or have a work permit.
  • Must be 17 years or older.
  • Must be responsible, honest, positive, and love the outdoors.
  • Appearance must be neat and clean. No visible facial hooks, rings, or barbs allowed. Appropriate earring and necklace jewelry acceptable for women.
  • Must abide by the Drug-free Workplace Policy. Redfish promotes a drug-free work environment and reserves the right to conduct drug testing.


Your application should be submitted early, starting in February. Hiring is usually completed by May 15. You can apply online using our online application form.
Working a summer at Redfish can be one of the most rewarding and exciting summer jobs available. Bring a balanced view of work and play. The area is breathtaking, and the friendships will be for a lifetime. If you qualify to be a part of our team, we want it to be one of the great times in your life!
We are an equal opportunity employer.

Living at Redfish

Stanley High Country Inn will provide housing for you as an employee.  The accommodations will require you to live with two or three other roommates.  As a Stanley High Country Inn employee, you are part of the Redfish Lake Lodge properties and will have access and benefits associated with Redfish Lake Lodge.  Should you be selected for an interview, the details of these benefits and expectations will be given to you.