Why you should stay at the Stanley High Country Inn this winter in Stanley, Idaho!

Winter offers up a unique lens to experience the Sawtooth Mountains in Stanley, Idaho. Here are three reason you should come stay at the Stanley High Country Inn in the winter. 


While Stanley is a bustling, high energy summer destination, the winters provide an incredible chance to experience quiet and solitude like you never have before. Many visitors come in the winter for the chance to take time to meditate, read, write and experience a recharge with family and friends. The scenery, and the clear night skies make this place perfect unforgettable romantic getaway. It is like experiencing a real life Hallmark movie!  


Just like in the summer, there is more than plenty to do here for the adventure seeker! Adventure seekers can plan on  snowmobiling, to renting fat tire bikes at Triangle C Cabins, backcountry skiing, visiting hot springs, cross country skiing, and free ice skating on the the city rink. There are also several incredible annual events that happen each year such as the Sawtooth Outdoor Bonspiel, the Stanley Pond Hockey Tournament, the Snowmobile Ball and Fun Run, and the Sawtooth Ski Festival

The Stanley High Country Inn Experience-

There is something about the Inn that seems like it is from a story book. The rooms are cozy, warm, clean and bring you back in time to simpler days. The weekend brunch will be the highlight of your trip, and leave you dreaming about the food for months! The cozy fireplace and a large hot tub makes for the perfect evening of relaxation. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Inn and to your own magical winter wonderland in Stanley, Idaho. 

Click here for more information on winter driving conditions. 


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