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3 Sawtooth Mountain Adventures to do in the Spring

Discover Our Favorite Spring Adventures in the Sawtooth Mountains!

Spring is a wonderful time of year to visit the Sawtooth Mountains. We want to share a few secrets to making this time just as much fun as any other season! Many people don’t realize that Stanley’s high elevation and mountainous terrain extends our winter months and pushes “Spring” into May and June, so we consider March and most of April to still be winter.  Still, we absolutely love the breathtakingly intense landscapes put on display during a Sawtooth Spring! Even though many of the typical Sawtooth Mountain summer activities are still unavailable due to snow in the higher elevations, adventurous souls can still create fun and unique Sawtooth Spring experiences with the help of a few suggestions! Take the challenge and see where it takes you!

Three Spring Activities in the Sawtooth Mountains

Drive to the Four Main Lakes in the Sawtooths in one day (Pettit, Alturas, Redfish, Stanley)

Before embarking on this adventure, be sure to check the road conditions on Idaho 511 or by calling us at 208-774-7000. The roads leading to these lakes will all be open starting the 1st of May. Start at the south end of the valley by driving to Alturas Lake, 21 miles south of Stanley on Highway 75. Alturas is one of the largest lakes in the Sawtooths and is a popular lake for boaters in the summer months, but in the spring it is very likely that you will have it all to yourself. Next, head north to Pettit Lake which lies about 16 miles south of Stanley on Highway 75. 

Check out the day use area that has several picnic tables available right on the lake. Next stop is the crown jewel of the Gem State- Redfish Lake! The lodge opens on Memorial Day Weekend with its annual 5K, 10K and Half Marathon. Be sure to take a stroll on the Redfish Marina and drive around the campgrounds for incredible scenic views along the way. The last stop of the day will take you 7 miles west of Stanley on Highway 21 to Stanley Lake. The lake also has several picnic areas, and incredible views!

Fat Tire Bike Ride or Hike on the Nip ‘N Tuck Loop!

Experience the beauty of the Nip ‘N Tuck dirt roads, which are usually frequented by off-the-grid campers and recreationalists in the summer but remain serene in the spring. Rent a Fat bike from Balance Bike Works and traverse the muddy and snowy terrain with ease. Start this 12-mile loop from the turnoff opposite from the Stanley Lake turnoff from Highway 21.

 From there, take the dirt road to your first intersection, where you will turn right and continue on for some of the best views of the Sawtooths around! Once you connect back to the highway, turn right to return home to any of the Redfish Lake Lodge Stanley properties.

Take a Scenic Drive to Sun Valley, Idaho

Visit Sun Valley, Idaho, home of America’s first ski resort, for a tranquil evening stroll around Ketchum or the Sun Valley Lodge. With numerous excellent restaurants, local shops offering winter sales, and the local YMCA for family fun, this charming town has much to offer.

After your day of exploring the things to do in the Spring in Stanley, Idaho, unwind at the Stanley High Country Inn. Relax in the hot tub and finally finish that book you’ve been meaning to read. Spring in Stanley and the Sawtooth Mountains holds its own special magic, making it an unforgettable experience as the Sawtooth Mountains awaken from their winter slumber.

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